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time lines & 7 year drop off


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I've been working on my credit repair and it has been going pretty well.. But I am confused about what to do next.

My Verizon debt shows it dropping off one CRA 3/ 2011, another shows it dropping off 7/2011 and the third shows it dropping off 10/2011.

I was going to wait until the first one drops off in March 2011 and then send a dispute to the other two CRAs saying CRA #1 has dropped this so you must been reporting a re-aged account for July & Oct.

Does this sound like a good plan? I'm afraid the July drop off date might be updated or corrected to the later OCt date.

I would really like to dispute the timeline with all the CRAs but am afraid I might lose the early March drop off on the one CRA if I do . If it wasn'r so close to the 7 year drop off date I would dispute the timeline differences.

Should I leave these all alone or as I said, wait until the 3/2011 drops off and then see if the other CRAs will follow after I send them a dispute letter ?

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