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Slight confusion- Waiting to DV CA's


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I have been diligently reading this and a few other forums, and I'm so excited to be finally taking steps to fix my credit and finally be a "grown up" and be in charge of my finances! xangelx

After reading over and over again, and searching the forums for other people asking this, but I'm still unclear on this, and it's probably pretty simple!

First- I have read conflicting information on what should happen first: the dispute with the CRA or the DV with the CA's? What seems to be the right thing to do is dispute with the CRA's first. If that's the case, how long from when I send the CRA notification do I send DV letters to my CA's and why?

I have composed my first letter each of the 3 CRA's and it basically says I was refused for financing, purchased my reports, noticed incorrect personal information and I requested them to update to the correct info, and that I did not recognize 4 TL's and asked they verify this information. I used one of the sample letters and customized it enough so it didn't sound copied word for word.

I plan to send these letters (each customized to the info for each CRA) to the CRA's certified RRR. Do I send the DV letters to the CA's immediately, wait for the RR or wait 30 days for the results from the CRA's?

I have a total of about 15 collections accounts all within the SOL. Many of them are silly ones under 100 that I just was stupid and did the "maybe if I ignore it, it will go away" thing.... it's all catching up with me now, and I'm trying to face them head on now. I will probably just try PFD letters to the smaller ones I can afford in one swoop, but that's another thread all together ;)

Thanks in advance! I apologize if this has been answered clearly elsewhere, I'm just having a heck of a time finding it myself :)

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Since no one else has responded, I'll give it a shot, but Credit Repair is not my thing, so I can't help you with that part.

With regard to the question of when to send a DV letter, I am of the opinion that you do not send them in response to finding an entry on your credit report. A DV letter is sent in response to a dunning letter (a demand letter) from the Collection Agency. That dunning letter should spell out your rights under the FDCPA to dispute and request verification. That creates the 30 day window for you to reply with a DV letter, and then they must cease collection activities until they respond.

Good luck,


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