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At a loss to answer FL summons

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Hi all,

I am at a loss of how to proceed with a summons we received from the lawyers representing AMEX. We have 20 days to answer and am only a few days away from that day. I have tried researching here and throughout the internet and I cannot seem to find the answers that would apply to our case. The sum is for 11k and we live in Florida. Up until a few months ago, we had always paid on time. Recently, we had some hardship issues come up and we realized that we could no longer afford making these payments. On the bad advice of a friend, we had stopped paying, hoping they would settle. Well, they do not want to settle and the thing next we know, we are being sued. We do owe the $, it's just that we cannot afford the payments we were making before. I am not sure how to go about answering this and I do not think we can afford a lawyer to guide us. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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