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Civil Forfeiture Who is responsible???


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Hello everyone. I am not sure if I am posting in the right forum or even the right website. But maybe someone can answer me this .

I had a house that I lived in for approx 25 years. I got into some trouble and the city took my house. There is a mortage owed on it around 35,000. Who is responsible?

I was ordered by the courts to vacate it . Which I have done. I paid up to the date the court ordered me out. I put in a request for part of my property taxes to be paid back to me. The county I live in paid me back some of my taxes . They looked at the court ruling and told me the city was exempt from property taxes. The county assesors office has the city I live in as the legal owner of the property.

The mortage company is trying to collect from me. Once I had moved out I contacted the mortage company and tlod them of my situation. Which I knew they were aware of because they had stopped mailing me statements. I was making copies of past statements and sending payments to them. But stopped once I had moved out of the house. Still no statements sent to me by the mortage company. I did receive notices of insurance they had put on the house. I stopped paying that after 2 months of being out of the house. Still no statements from the mortage company about the balance or past due notices.

When I contacted the mortage company the first time and told them of the judgement against me they said they had information about it. They asked me to fax them a copy which I did . I guess maybe I should have sent it by registered mail. At that point they told me I was still responsible for the mortage. And told to contact an attorney . I had been working with a attorney and he told me to suggest to them I would be willing to sign a deed in lieu of forclosure. The mortage company put me in contact with a attorney working for them and I told their attorney that I was willing to do the deed in lieu of forclosure and they said they would get back to me . I waited two months and tried to contact their attorney on three different occasions and left messages . Finally their attorney or as it turns out former attorney contacted me to let me know they no longer were representing the mortage company. They did however give a contact number to the mortage company. The number I was calling just got me in contact with people that either did not know anything or were just plain rude and treating me like a deadbeat who did want to pay.

The plain fact is I would pay if I could live there. But why should I pay if I cannot live there? I had to get another place to live. I could no longer keep paying the old house and pay to live in a new place. So if it has to go into foreclosure then it does and it trashes my credit. It does not seem too fair.

Anyway I think I covered everything . I have searched alot and cannot find any answers about who actually is responsible . It seems like the county thinks the city is now the owner of the house . The judgement says the court should order,adjudge and decree that all right ,title and interest of me in the Defendent In Rem, together with all appurtenances and improvments thereon be frofeited to the city pursuant to the RCW ####### and disposed of according to law.

To me that is saying the city now owns it and should be the responsible to pay. but maybe the law is not that way. That is why I am here.

Thank You for reading and any advice anyone can provide.


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