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Wordage in answer to complaint


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I've seen various wordage to this, but now when I'm looking for it - I can't find it! LOL!

What are the other "ways" of saying this -

"Defendant has no knowledge of the alleged obligation and so cannot affirm nor deny the statements made by Plaintiff in paragraph 1."

Wait a minute - it's coming to me . . . is it -

"Defendant lacks sufficient knowledge of the alleged obligation . . . blah . . . blah"

Or are there other ways? xdancex

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Guest chuckygee

Depends on your local rules. Different jurisdictions have different standards for denial for lack of information. Read you rules and insure your answer complies with them.

You can also look for cases where an attorney answers for the defendant in your local court and see how they phrase the lack of information denial.

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Linda, IMHO your 3 statements say basically the same thing.

Having no knowledge and lacking sufficient differ.. Lacking sufficient

seems to be a better universal statement.. Is broader and covers you

if they can actually prove their statement. Kind of says, indirectly, that you need more info rather then saying that you have none.

I was told from another website, who sold me answers on how to answer a summons, to not cut and paste answers but to word them in my own words.

As is, I have copied and pasted then reworded some.

Think the reasoning is so the court believes you did the work.

As to following what your state/court rules say....

I wish all states would jump on the ball and have uniform rules.

Or at the very least post their rules where you can find them.

Pa. is notorious for haveing their code of civil procedure and then defering to local courts. The problem with this is if you are in one of the smaller court

counties, they provide practically niothing of help for pro ses.

Unless it is divorce or child custody.

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