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I am being sued by Blatt, Hasenmiller, Leibsker & Miller for a Capitol One acct. worth $16xx. Here is a rough timeline:

-Suit filed

-I answered the complaint

-They sent Interrogatories and I never responded. :(

-I received a Motion for Summary Judgement yesterday

The account is within SOL. The MSJ included: An affidavit from Joe Blow claiming the account is valid etc., a request for military status, an old Capitol One bill from 12/08, a "Capitol One Cycle Facsimile Report" and a Plaintiff's Request for Admissions to Defendant form. Also included was a Plaintiff's Notice that Requests for Admissions are Deemed Admitted. I assume this was because I failed to answer the interrogatories?

Is it too late to fight this?

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You need to file a 1) and Answer to there claim 2) response to there interrogatories 3) response to there request for production if there is one 4) counter affidavit denying the debt 5) opposition to there msj 6) your own interrogatories 7) your own request for production 8) motion to strike there affidavit as hearsay 9) motion to strike there records as hearsay.

Whats your timeline? When did you receive the summons? When did you receive the request for interrogatories? When is your hearing?

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