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FIA driving me crazy! Advice is appreciated!


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Hello!:)++ I'm so glad I found this website; it's very helpful! I know my situation isn't the only one of its kind but I haven't found a thread that answered my specific questions on the matter so please be patient with me if I'm not posting correctly. I received a "Notice To Debtor Of Exemptions From Levy" today regarding a judgement against me from FIA Card Services. I'd like some advice on what I can do to stop their proceedings and here are some details of my circumstances: I was not served properly as they simply left the papers on the ground and yelled to a siding installer who was outside working up on a ladder, "Please give these to _____(my name)." Prior to all this I had conversed back and forth a few times with B of A, sending them a "Verified Cardholder Billing Error Dispute Form" in which I stated that they had been erroneously charging me, and requesting that they make appropriate corrections to the account or provide a complete written explanation as to why my stated billing error is incorrect including documentation evidence commensurate with the dispute. 8-)They only responded with threatening scare tactics and never complied with my requests (which I've learned is common practice for them). It wasn't long before I received a letter from a lawyer regarding the account. I responded telling him that the account was in dispute and, until the dispute is resolved, collection activity is prohibited. I have read a lot of information about the way the credit system works and there seems to be a great deal of deceptive practices out there taking complete advantage of the common consumer who often doesn't know better. I'd appreciate any advice someone, with more experience with this than me, can offer. Thanks in advance- I appreciate your time!;)

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