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Lawyers run amuck!

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I found this at the Caught.net Legal Reform Website and the Pro Se Way Website. I thought I’d share it.



Due Process:

1. perpetuity 2. perpetual motions 3. legal and procedural minutiae 4. selective adherence to the Secret Canons Of Judicial Conduct 5. process which is not paid for. 6. First, decide how we want the case to go. Second, formulate a legal logic to support our decision. Third, manipulate, dissect or eliminate the facts and evidence to support our decision. Then the rubber stamp doctrine of "judicial discretion" will prevent most decisions from being overturned!


1. the Unresourceful and Ineffective 2. those that shouldn't ask for what they can't pay for.

Pro Se Litigant:

1. litigants with invalid arguments 2. bastards who forget we are trying to run a business here 3. those who don't understand what "members only" means 4. those unfamiliar with their place in this world.

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