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Asking EQ to remove "customer disputes" comment on TLs?


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What is the best -- and quickest -- way to get Equifax to remove the "Customer Disputes This Account Information" note that EQ themselves placed on three of my tradelines? Is it a horrible idea to call them and just ask?

Back story: In recent years I've disputed several trade lines with Equifax, and while EQ did not delete them all, they added a comment to some saying "Customer Disputes This Account Information." Now I'm trying to refinance my mortgage, and the underwriters won't approve the refi until we have those comments removed! They want to be sure we aren't actively disputing anything.

The mortgage people told me to contact the OCs, tell them I no longer want to dispute the item, and ask for a letter on the OC's letterhead saying the dispute is over. The thing is, I never initiated a dispute with the OCs -- I just disputed the TLs with EQ directly! Not to mention that one of the OCs, Riggs Bank, has been defunct for years, so how the heck am I gonna get a letter from them?!?

It seems to me that since EQ put the comments there, I need to ask EQ directly to remove them. Obviously I don't want to do an online dispute for this, because the whole point is that I want to REMOVE any reference to a dispute! I can write a letter, but that takes awhile, and I have no idea if they will understand what I am asking them to do and if they will honor the request.

Has anyone had experience with this?

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