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Let the Fun Begin!


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First to all those of you over the years that helped me and to those that are seeking help. Sorry that I don’t have the time anymore to post here.

It is good to see that over 13,000 of you have read the Sticky I did years ago on “Where to Start”.

Anyways I thought I would relay a fun story to all of you, so that you have something to look forward to in the future.

Years ago when I moved I had five phone lines installed in our house. Each line serving a specific purpose. Family main line, kids lines, fax line, bz line for my wife and a bz line for me. Oh, and all the lines have caller ID block on outgoing calls.

My bz line was set up to handle any real-estate calls that might come up on some personal properties I was selling at the time that we had when we moved into our new house.

My bz line was paid for on a monthly basis but was never used for anything until recently. Around three months ago a neighbor of mine asked me to handle a real-estate transaction on his house. No problem. First thing I did was put the house on Craigs List, then on the MLS. Each listing using my name and home bz number.

About four weeks after that I started getting Robo-Callers on that line from collection agencies. You have no idea how excited I was to have calls from my old friends at NCO, etc....

For those of you that read my Sticky, “Where to Start”, one of the first things I pointed out was to be organized and keep impeccable records.

When I got those calls I went to the garage and pulled out my old cardboard file storage box that had my 3-ring binders in it. I pulled out my binder with my FOAD letters, namely the ones that I had sent to NCO to stop attempting to collect on expired SOL debts. There they where, waiting patiently in the box for me to visit with them. All those Green Certified Return Receipts attached to copies of my FOADS.

If you remember one of the most crucial rules in this game is to NEVER-EVER do anything over the phone, except to get them to correspond to you by mail.

All be waiting patiently by the mailbox for NCO's letter to attempt to collect because the day I get that letter its off to Court to file a lawsuit against them. I hope they show up in court because I really want them to explain the attempt when I have multiple FOAD's and Green Cards.

Looks like Xmas may be better then expected this year. :)

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