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Cap 1 Charge-Off Balance Question?


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Credit Report Scenario:

Capital One

Balance: $2134.00 Date Opened: 5/2002

Date Reported: 9/2010 Credit Limit: $500.00 D.L.A. N/A

Activity Description: Closed

Amount Charged Off: $879.00

Question? What dispute request, or how would I go about disputing this amount? They "wrote off" $879.00 but yet show my balance due $2134.00?

The Statute of Limitations Expired (4 years in Texas) years ago (although they show no D.L.A. on bureau)

Any wisdom would be greatly welcomed, I've googled till I'm blue in the face..


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How long ago was the debt charged off? They can still charge interest on a closed account. I take it Cap1 still owns it.

The 4 year SOL in Texas has nothing to do with credit reporting. A debt can be reported for 7 years after charge off (7 1/2 from the date of last activity).

You could dispute based on the fact that they're not showing a DLA. You could also DV Cap1 and request they send you an accounting of the current balance, but more than likely, depending on how long it's been charged off, you're looking at interest charges.

Make sure Cap1 still owns it, though, and it's not being reported by a JDB.

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