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Links to JAMS and AAA rules Page


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JAMS Arbitration does have discovery rules: see number 13 for streamlined rules


If you use comprehensive JAMS rules there is discovery and appeals: see number 17 and 34


I am not guessing I am linking to the rules for all to read for themselves.

Here is the discovery rules for AAA: see Principle 13


I am only posting this to push beyond the misinformation being posted here. Again these are not my opinions but links directly to the Arbitration forums.

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Thanks, Chucky! That certainly answers a lot of my questions!

I don't understand why all the mix-up is going on here. These are untread waters for a lot of us and I don't think anybody is an expert. That's why we all need to be able to ask questions and share information.

Admin, the statement you made in another thread - "You can't request discovery, and the burden of proof is not on the plaintiff." Well, if they are claiming to own a debt, they should have to prove it and according to the rules - look in particular at (B) which sounds like they do indeed have to prove their case, just like in court -

Rule 17. The Arbitration Hearing

(B) The Arbitrator shall determine the order of proof, which will generally be similar to that of a court trial.

And these other issues of stopping people from sharing information, I don't know, but to me - once someone agrees to look behind the "Arbitration Forum" door with the warning attached - we should be able to discuss what seems to work and what hasn't worked and then let "each" person decide for themselves what or if anything they want to try in regard to this issue. We're all adults here and understand the risks.

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I have two of our court cases now in arbitration , I repeatedly requested an accounting in court , they refused everything the arbitrator ordered them to give me a complete accounting , they then sent me about 1200 documents , I complained they were flooding me with useless documents , the arbitrator agreed and I got a complete accounting . This never would have happened in court .

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