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could someone please explain this to me


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I recently DV'D palasides with standard dv letter asking to provide validation, expain how they reached that amount etc. this is what i recieved back in the mail.

original creditor: mbna

previous creditor: great seneca ( whom i never heard of or recieved correspondence from)

current creditor: palasides

current balance:$xxxxxxx

account number:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



charge off date: 06/03/2001

open date: 3/22/1995

and this statement: we have recieved you request for validation of this debt.

while we validate this debt, we have placed this account in dispute status and have stopped all collection activity on your account.

meanwhile the account information we have file for this account is above.

im asking you guys, what exactly does this all mean? the statute in ky is 5 years, i believe. could someone explain this to me. thanks

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