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CA tricks to undue SoL?

Ben S.

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I was of the opinion that the Statute of Limitations could only be undone in case of use of the Credit Card in question, a payment on said Credit Card, or an offer by the debtor to make good on an old Credit Card debt (well past SoL) under Maryland state law, yet are there other ways as well (whereby SoL could be undermined)?

For Example, if a Consumer recieves a automated phone message stating "This is your last chance to Consolidate your Credit Cards, Press 1!"

The Consumer responds by pressing "1" & a female operator says, "We can combine your Credit Cards into one monthly payment. Does this sound like something you might be interested in doing (coy voice)?"

The Consumer responds, "If I understand you correctly then you're not actually with my Credit Card?"

Female Operator, "No."

The Consumer, "Then the answer is No!" (and hangs up)

I believe the important part is that the Consumer said "NO," yet what if he/she had said "yes" or "maybe?" Would that have been sufficient to undue the SoL?

Additionally, for those that are SUPER smart, thrifty, or just plain bored by watching reality tv...

Bonus Questions for those that like to show off!

If a Collection Agency (acting on behalf of a major Credit Card) makes phone calls to a debtor, and the debtor responds with a FOAD Letter (pointing out SoL has expired), what is the likely response?

Can the Credit Card Co. simply turn around & hand over the account to a new/different Collection Agency? Thereby renewing the harassment of the debtor?

I thank you for having taken the time to read my post & a well informed response would be great!

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