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Asking for Costs as Pro Se Defendant

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:oops: I apologize in advance for the rookie question but I did a quick search before posting and didn't see an answer.

I understand as a Pro Se Defendant I can't ask for attorney fees etc. because I'm not a licensed attorney. However I believe I can ask for costs correct?

In my original answer I did not include any counter claims. I may have had one for a FDCPA violation but I wasn't clear it would definitely be something I could adequately defend. I didn't want to rock the boat..and I was hoping maybe the junk debt buyer would go away when they saw I wasn't going to let a default judgment be entered.

I now have a hefty little bit of change wrapped up in defending this crap. Sending everything CMRRR adds up quickly. On top of that I have a few motion fees. Other postage...fees for copies. Those along with the fact that the court house is a half hour away and I have to pay parking fees every damn time I go...you get the idea.

I know I likely can't get mileage, parking etc but I should be able to recover CMRRR mailing fees and motion fees IF I WOULD WIN correct? If a JDB brings a case and evidently has no real evidence to prove their case then I would think they should be responsible for repaying some of my costs.

How do I go about asking for recouping my costs in this case? Do I have to ask to ammend my answer to include a counterclaim for costs? Does this have to be done in a written motion or could I easily do it verbally at the next pre-trial?

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Here in California the court provides many convenient forms, including this Memorandum of Costs:


Perhaps you can use it as a model.

There is also an associated worksheet:


After you win, you would serve and file a document like this, together with a Request for Judgment for costs.

Good luck,


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