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Thanks to this forum and all the suggestions I read I wrote a very shaky reply to a Motion for Summary Judgement and then they wrote me back and dismissed the case! Yeah!


Hi Everyone,

I've looked at as many threads as possible so if this is a re-hash I'm sorry. I need to reply to a Motion For Summary Judgment today and a "friend" that works for an attorney was supposed to help but didn't

I've researched as much as I can an need some help if possible ASAP.

1) Do I call it Motion for Dismissal of Summary Judgment or Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment

2) Do I have to cite case law and where the heck do I find it? I'm in AZ and need to maild this in about 4 hours!

3) Lawyer send 26 pages of gobblety gook. Do I need to address each and every thing?

First part if Memorandum of Points and Authorities I, II, and III

Second Part is "Statement of Facts in Support of Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment"

3rd part is Exhibit 1 where some lady in MN certifies that we owe the debt

Exhibit 2 is where the credit card charged off the account and assigned it to them

Exhibit 3 is the credit card rules/regulations (it looks like) it's so teeny tiny I cannot read it.

Next is a "judgment" paper "based upon the pleading, affidativts and exhibits...

Then a "Motion for Award to Attorneys Fees and Costs

Then an "Affidavit in Support of Motion for Award of Attorneys Fees and Costs

Lastly a "Verified Statement of Costs"

Do I need to address all of these? I was working on this over the weekend and our air conditioning went out so I'm really under the gun.

Any saints out there willing to help on short notice?


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case was dismissed
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