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OC verified listing on CR inaccuratly


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In March I settled with Wells Fargo Education Financial services on a private (non-Government) student loan. As a condition of the agreement they stated that my account would be changed from Charge off to paid- settled for less than full amount. After I made the agreed payment I received a letter from Wells Fargo that the account was settled in full and a report was sent to the CRA's. Eq is still listing this a a charge off. I have disputed this to Eq and it came back verified. I have received a letter from Wells Fargo that they responded to a consumer dispute that I initiated through the CRA and have verified it as accurate. What do I do next do I argue with Wells Fargo or the CRA. It appears the CRA is reporting what Wells Fargo is telling them. What is weird is that my other credit reports are listing them accurately.

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