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Question Mortgage Transferred Behind Payments


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I had some questions regarding bankruptcy on the other forum for a friend whose husband died leaving her with a 10 year old son and a mortgage she can't pay and a house worth half of what she owes. She has been carefully considering the bk (we convinced her she has no choice, really) and has an appt with an attorney.

Her loan(s) [first and second mortgage] were with First Franklin. She did not have an escrow account but they paid her taxes bringing her mortgage payment higher than what she earns (that's ONE mortgage payment). First Franklin was, however, taking the regular amount each month. Her last payment on her first was July (not with the escrow) and on her second was June.

She just received notice that the loan was transferred to Bank of America who stated they would not take partial payments. Any recourse except bankruptcy? I know that she is headed for bk but wants to stave off foreclosure at the same time.


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