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URGH!! I'm so mad!!!!!!


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Ok for case #3 I received 2 voice messages from someone at the attorney representing Cap One. I have already went to mediation and the amounts on the dunning letter and the summons did not match. The summons total was much lower. I also sent them a DV letter w/ C&D included after I recvd their dunning letter. They answered the DV letter with a summons.

So I call this guy back because according to his voice message it was imperative that I call him back ASAP. So before he speaks I tell him my call is being recorded (because it very could be I was on my work phone) Then he tells me it doesn't matter I'm recording this call too. He never stated he was attempting to collect a debt. I told him the have a C&D on file please do not call my work number. So he starts to tell me if I know what a C&D is?? And that they have all the proof they need to collect X amount. And I should be receiving a summons any day now. He was yelling at me. So raised my voice and told I have already been served, went to mediation and the amounts did not match so I requested a trial. He screamed at me "What do you mean the totals don't match??" then he started laughing at me and said have a nice day and hung up.

What a joke!

I can't wait to file BK and get this over with!

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