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sitting in my stomach.

Well, a year after filing a complaint I get the rogs in the mail, yesterday.

I am given 30 days to answer these 5 or 6 admissions and produce

2 docs. The person who signed the service did it on the 17th but it was not postmarked until the 20th.

This is OC using Weltman, Weinberg and Reis. I am fairly sure.

WW&R are CAs as well as attys.

From what I can tell they have played this by the book.

March of 09 I did a cease and desist, which they honored.

I can not remember back that far and was not really

recording anything prior to that.

Now, the letter with the rogs says that if I want to

stop further litigation I should call about a payment plan

or possibly getting a settlement if I can make a lump

sum payment. (I cant do either)

They set some weird statements that were some kind of

computer generated stuff of like a couple of statements from

2001, and 6 from 2006.... Very odd.

They are not statements like from a bill they are generated

from probably a computer program.

I just find the dates to be very odd.

I do not think I will have any problem answering their rogs or doing my own for them.

Now here it does get interesting....

The also sent a contract.... Not the original one because this alleged account is over 30 years old...........

but the contract is from 2002 and it shows Arbitration with AAA or Jams.

The print is soooooooo tiny that I need to get a magnifier out to really read it.

I will keep you all updated with where it goes.

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