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court tomorrow


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8/14/08 I recieved a judgement against me because I was stupid and did not show up in court for a summons issued to me from Mann Bracken (which is now out of business) they were plantiff (GE Money ~ Sams Club) they claimed I owed them 3444.00 ~ June 16/08 I paid them $1000.00 (hoping to stop the suit made arrangements to pay them in July $500, Aug $500.00 and Sept I paid 100.00 they still went through with the lawsuit thats how I received the judgement in Feb 2009 Mann Bracken said I owed them $2340.40 at the end of Feb 2009 NCO Financial said I owed $2160.29.

Feb 2010 recieved letter from Nudelman, Nudelman & Ziering saying the original creditor was Security Credit Services and that I owed them $2441.77 I dv them never got back to me now are suing me in court. Court hearing is tomorrow ~ I've been gathering info but I want to know since there is already a judgement against me for this account can I be sued again???

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