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Paying the alleged debt


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If you decided to pay an alleged debt either

in full, by payments or as a settlemet in one lump sum,

I have a question.

If you have other alleged debt hanging out there,

would paying/settling one stir the pot so the others

would be more likely to come after you?

I would imagine if there was a second account by

the same OC just hanging there that the OC would

definitely make a move, but what about anyone else.

Anyone have this happen to them?

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No. Any "stirring" would be purely coincidental.

If you have a deal you like, take it. Then move on to the next one.

Thank you...

However, the letter that made this offer actually was the second one...

Not counting the calls and such from 18 months ago.

I received a summons last Nov.

I (Someone else actually) did my answer and very weak affirmative


I received a letter a couple of weeks later that said they were offering

me a settlement plan if I would agree right then.

Because (and I really can not go into it on here) of the one who did

my answer I followed their advice and did nothing.

When I heard nothing on this since then, I was not sure I would.

Now, two days ago, I received their rogs.

I can answer them easily as I have learned that here (I had to learn cause of the one that I can not talk about here..... has been um, more or less stopped by the Banks.) and I can do my own rogs......

I am somewht hesitant about going into the payment thing, although I am leaning that way.

I am fairly certain, but not 100%... This is OC.....

Their name is on the complaint filed at my courthouse as Plaintiff....

But it is brought by WELTMAN, WEINBERG AND REIS........

They have played this by the rules as far as I can tell.

I did a c&d Mar. 09 and they honored that.

I had reason to call them Sept. 09 (long story) (denied the debt on the phone)and the guy (atty.) was nervous talking to me and mentioned the c&d and then nothing more til the summons and now the rogs.......

So, that is it....


Oh, I did talk with a local consumer advocate atty. about this.

He was interested if Palisades Collection was involved but not

on this one.

This is what their letter said to me


Enclosed, please find a copy of the Plaintiffs Request for Admissions and Production of Documents. 1 am forwarding copies of the monthly statements on this account. I have also included the card member agreement that pertains to this account. The application will also be attached, if it is

available. Please allow this letter to constitute notice pursuant to Pa.R.C.P. 1305(B) of Plaintiff"s intention to offer the aforesaid statements and other attached documents into evidence at the arbitration hearing.

As you can see, we are proceeding with this litigation. If you wish to resolve the lawsuit without

the need of further litigation and trial, please contact this office at the above number. We may be able to offer you a payment plan or a lump sum settlement.

(BTW the satements were not real billing statements... 2 from 2001 and 6 from 2006... The contract was from 2002, although this alleged account is over 30 years old. The contract sent mentions AAA and JAMS.)

The arbitration they mention is Pa. has madatory court appointed arbitration.

The complaint simply says...






And they list themselves as council filing for...


As I said, I am leaning toward calling and talking to them. But I am concerned.

But if I call then am I admitting the debt?.. cause if I don't like what they say

it will be on to court and I will elect arb...

Thanks again....

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I think your question is quite interesting and you have written it in a poetic mood. To answer it, I would say that if you are cooking two food items at a time, and steering just the first vessel and not the other one, their are chances that the food will stick to the bottom of the second vessel.Similarly, if you are repaying back just one kind of debt and do not pay heed to another one, it is going to be problematic later on. Why not you opt for debt settlement if you are not in a position to pay back all your debt. If think, you have good source of income at present, then you may opt for debt consolidation.

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