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What should I do with these?

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I would like to get some questionable entries removed from my credit report. Some of these are also past the SoL. All are medical collections, with three different CAs. All the amounts are small (under $200).

I'm thinking I should use the "one-two punch" method. I've done a lot of reading here, but some of the info I've gotten seems to be either conflicting or not applicable to my situation. My primary goal is to get the entries off my CR, not necessarily to catch them in violation of FCRA, etc.

1. Is there an overriding reason to NOT DV these (based on credit report entry) unless I've gotten a recent letter from the CA? (Come to think of it, I haven't gotten letters from any of the CAs in a while.) I'm in Texas, so as I understand it, the "30 days to dispute" doesn't apply to me (please correct me if I'm wrong).

2. In a couple of cases, there are several different accounts/OCs with the same CA. Do I send a separate DV letter for each OC, or one letter per CA?

3. For the entries that ARE past the SoL, do I just send the CA a C&D, or DV *and* C&D? Am I correct in my understanding that merely being past the SoL will NOT get them removed from my CR? If so, I would also need to dispute that the accounts are mine, correct?

4. Some are due to fall off the CR in December and January, but we're planning to purchase a home soon. Do I bother with these or not? In several cases, the different CRAs are reporting different DFODs, so they'll fall off one CR but not another unless I can get them to correct the DFODs.

5. There a couple of paid collections. Is it even possible to remove them? If so, how do I go about it? Are paid collections any "less damaging" than unpaid ones?

6. There is one account that insurance was supposed to pay but didn't (I'm working on the insurance co. now). How do I handle that with respect to the credit report?

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