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ZERO Credit Score!


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Signed up for trial from Trilegiant for my hubby. Includes three different credit scores along with credit reports from all three. We have had our eyes on a property... contacted realtor, got number for guy to run his version of credit report and give us options for loans. Unbelievable! He calls to inform us that my dear hubby has No Credit score! Yep, 0 on all three agencies. My score is just below 550!! He suggested we work on building from here...

I'm kinda disappointed. But there will be homes for sale next year. for the past few years we have purchased everything with cash! bought my new to me vehicle and all.. CASH! We really don't want anything that needs to be financed.

He suggest we start building credit even if we just purchase new furniture or appliances. We should begin paying our rent with a check and he sent me a link to Public Savings Bank for a secured card.

After viewing our reports he says not to worry with many of the tradelines, they are old. I still want the ones that are incorrect to be corrected by the companies that are reporting it wrong!

Plan to spend more time here and hope to add to our scores using some information I find in the forum.

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If he doesn't have any credit established then he at least needs a credit card. A secured card is a good starter, but you guys might want to make your own decision as to which one to get.

The only REAL credit score can be obtained from myfico.com. They include credit reports as well.

purchase new furniture or appliances?? I completely disagree with that suggestion. You might want to consider contacting a different lender as well.

If TLs (tradelines) are being reported incorrectly then you would need to write letters to each of the CRAs explaining the situation.

Here are their addresses:


PO BOX 9701

ALLEN TX 75013-9701


PO BOX 2000

CHESTER PA 19022-2000


PO BOX 105314

ATLANTA GA 30348-5314

And in case you need it:


PO BOX 1640

PITTSBURGH PA 15230-1640

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I received a copy of the report today!

Yes, I plan on writing letters first. Thanks for posting.. although the guy said we don't need to worry about whats on the report at this time. I see a couple accounts that are totally incorrect.

As far as credit cards, I don't want one that offers $$ and cost just about as much to get. Checking on Wells Fargo for a secured card. Looking for other cards, so we have a choice.

purchase new furniture or appliances?? his suggestion for gaining tradeline.

I just do't know where to look.. It's a shame we have to go into debt to get a mortgage loan... to go in debt!

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Although the guy said you don't need to worry about whats on the report at this time, I would. Repairing your credit can take time.

If he is saying that you have to go into debt to get a mortgage loan so to speak then you should find a different guy, because that is not true. You'd be better off just getting a couple of credit cards and only use them to pay bills or for groceries.

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