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Case Law Search Engine Lists - YEA!

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As promised -

'FL4answer58' short list of case law search engines. ENJOY !


Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts, and the PACER Case Locator via the Internet. PACER is provided by the federal Judiciary in keeping with its commitment to providing public access to court information via a centralized service.

For other interested parties, take a look at:

Top Page:






You can search by the Judge's name in your case and read previous opinions. You need a PACER account to access the documents. PACER itself provides no mechanism to search for a Judge;

www.justia.com … Justia itself is free!



The Public Library of Law -- to make it easy to find the law online. PLoL is one of the largest free law libraries in the world, because we assemble law available for free scattered across many different sites -- all in one place. PLoL is the best starting place to find law on the Web.



BOOK: NCLC Consumer Law Pleadings

Consumer Law Pleadings Website and Index Guide, 2009 Edition

Order NCLC Consimer law pleadings index. $120. Gives you access to over 1900 actual pleadings online. The research for every posssible subject is there.


If you need state court case law...the annotated statues have all published case law.



FindLaw's Cases and Codes section contains resources and links for both state and federal laws. This includes resources pertaining to constitutions, statutes, cases and more. Run a search for case summaries or select a jurisdiction to browse applicable laws.



Google Scholar

Legal Opinion and Journals

Link is here. http://scholar.google.com/

Article about scholar. http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/...govern-us.html


Cardholder Agreements

'LUEser's blog site for many cardholder agreements

downloads … teh402.blogspot.com


recapthelaw.org with PACER

Docs FREE if you use firefox and have the recap add on installed.

This is the link to recap if you need it:



LexisOne some call it LexbyCC

Search Free Case Law, Search the last ten years of State & Federal Courts and U.S. Supreme Court from 1781 to present.

The down side of LexisOne is that you have to hone your searching skills... much like google it can be finicky. But at least it free.



Arbitration Laws

Also Justia BlogSearch Arbitration



Arbitration Search LawMemo.com http://www.lawmemo.com/arb/

Despute Resolution & Arbitration Cases: http://caselaw.findlaw.com/summary/search?topic=cs_24


SOL's for all States http://www.creditcards.com/credit-ca...tions-1282.php

Search drop-down, keyword - SOL

The screen will display a US map, ...click on your state.



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Don't know if this has been listed anywhere but if not here you go regarding Freedom of Information Act from www.citizen.org

view.image?Id=786 Legal Assistance:

The Public Interest FOIA Clinic can provide legal assistance ranging from initial advice about requesting documents to pro bono representation in litigating the denial of a request. If you are requesting legal assistance for a non-profit organization, please fill out the Public Interest FOIA Clinic legal assistance request form, to the left. If you are seeking FOIA assistance as an individual or on behalf of a for-profit institution, please do so through the Freedom of Information Clearinghouse.

I'm looking at this again, I think it must be for attorneys.

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