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Chapter 7 income question / keeping house


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I am preparing to finally file BK7 within the next few months and had a general question about income. I am currently employed by my familys business and do receive regular pay checks. However, until recently, these pay checks were simply pseudo deposited (deposited and quickly taken out) into my checkig account to help resolve another situation. Now that this is resolved, I no longer need 'income' as every last dime of my expenses, including housing, can be paid for by my father (owner of the business and thus saving personal income tax) Due to a default judgement, I am also playing checking account roulette and am running out of options to deposit my pay checks. Should I continue to need pay checks, they can be whatever amount I need, but now that my prior situation is done, do I still need to show actual steady income in order to file BK7 with the intention of keeping my home. This judgement is like a black cloud on any bank account I open and I would like to avoid having one altogether. My concern is when I do file BK7, that the court will look and see that I have no steady income and not allow me to keep my house even though I am current?

*I live in Cook County IL and my current checks are $42,250/yr which is considerable more than I need. From what I found and I am new to this, the Median Chapter 7 test in IL is $45,941. Does this mean I still barely qualify at my current pay rate?

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