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I'm back on the docket!!


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Ok, I just checked the docket to make sure I was still off of it from my Sept. 9th hearing on my MTC/alternatively stay pending arbitration. Judge granted my stay and said case was held in abatement.

The original hearing for summary judgement was today but I was told by the clerk that since my MTC/alternative stay was granted that that canceled out the MSJ hearing for today. Sure enough I was off the docket. Well I check today bc today is the 17th and I'm back on there!! WTF!!!

I'm on hold with the clerk now! I'm freaking out! I'm supposed to be there at 1pm if infact I'm supposed to be there!

What do I do???? I have a copy of the judge's order. All it says is "parties ordered to arbitration persuant to contract sued upon, case held in abatement."

Totally freaking out here.

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