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Credit Card Offers to Minors

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AARP is known for bothering people as young as 20. I mean, 20 years ago I saw them doing this, to a 20-year-old. They seem to be age-blind and just send stuff to everyone.

Chester - used your credit card for a powerpoint presentation" Promise I wont charge anything on it!!!!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

My Financial Market class I'm taking - coming chapter is all about mortgages. At the start of the semester mentioned many years working in that field. Got started talking about credit, said I would do a presentation for extra credit.

Have about 35 slides - the first rule learning what credit is. 2nd rule opening a checking account, to pay for things in your name. Third thing to establish credit through credit cards. 4th thing... 5th thing.. 6th....

Been reading up on credit cards - on Aug 31st, the NY attorney general send out a letter to all state university compasses.

...The average college student graduates with nearly $4100 in credit card debt, on top of an average of $20,000 in student loans for borrowers at four-year colleges. The combined debt burden can be overwhelming for new graduates, particularly as they face the uncertainties of today’s difficult economic climate. While there is no investment more worthwhile than a college education – and student loans are often necessary to obtain that education – credit card debt has been found to slow students’ progress toward obtaining a college degree.

In fact, instances abound of students being forced to drop out of college and obtain full-time employment to meet their credit card debt obligations. High interest credit card debt also limits graduates’ career choices and impedes progress toward milestones such as purchasing a first car or first home. It also jeopardizes students’ employment prospects, since many employers check applicants’ credit scores during the hiring process.



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