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Chase Arbitration


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Help. Can anyone provide me with a Chase Agreement with the Arbitration Clause. My cc was from Providian Bank taken over by Chase. Need urgently. Please help:roll:

PM me what you need on CHASE....no names.

Include CO date and last activity, ...

See; Cardholder Agreements

'LUEser's blog site for many cardholder agreements

downloads … teh402.blogspot.com

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I was able to get a copy of the Chase Arbitration Agreement from the website. Thank you.

I am however confused witht the Small Calims Excemption in section 2 ("Claims Covered") at the bottom of page 2. It seems to say that if the claim is only for:

1. the only remedy that will be sought by either of the parties is monetary damages

2. neither party will seek a recovery in excess of $25,000, excluding interests, costs anf feed

3. The only parties to the litifation will be you and us

This seem to say that if the above conditions are met, the arbitration agreement does not apply?

Please help:roll:

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You may want the Feb 09 contract that I'm using. The arbitration language is better to me than the one you have. The only thing I like better in your older contract is JAMS.

If you used the card and/or made payments on the account, you basically accepted the terms of newer agreements than the one from 02. I couldn't use that one because it is from 2 yrs before my alleged account was even opened.

I you need the contract from Feb 09 let me know and I'll email it to you.

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