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Just checked our case status online and the Plaintiff have filed for an extension of time for producing their discovery docs. Can this be objected to? Is it worth fighting? Hearing is on Tue morn.


They did the same to me, file your own discovery. If they can't produce or havent' produced proper proof of a contract, file motion to dismiss or possibly wait, they dont' have a case. .... Just my Opinion.

Now is the time for you to get on the offensive and squash these bozos.

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If this is their first request, then let it be because most judges allow those to go through anyways. Make note of how long the extension is though and be ready to pounce if they have not produced by the new date.

If this is a 2nd or later request then argue is by saying they have had more than enough time and if they do not have the evidence to prove their case, then you are requesting a dismissal with prejudice. Judges start getting antsy at the 2nd or later extension because then this case sits on their calender taking up space which is needed for other cases.

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