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Help I'm being Sued!!! Chase - US Equities


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1.) I am being sued in CT court for a Chase Bank Card that was never mine.

Chase Bank Sold the debt to a company called Turtle Creek

2.) Chase Bank Sells the debt to a holding company Turtle Creek

Chase Bank ("Seller") for a value received pursuant to the terms and conditions of Credit Card Account Purchase Agreement dated on May 7 2009 between Seller and Turtle Creek Assets LTD, by and through its general partner Forward Properties International, INC ("Purchaser"). its successors and assigns ("Credit Card Account Purchase Agreement") hereby assigns effective as of the File Creation Date of July 16 2009 all rights, title and interest of Seller in and to those certain receivables, judgments or evidence of debt described in Exhibit 1 attached hereto and made part hereof for all purposes.

I don't know what Exhibit 1 is and I don't know who this debt is being transferred to. Turtle creek or Forward Properties International I am a bit confused. Is this debt Assigned or purchased??

3.) Turtle Creek Sells the debt to U.S. Equities

Turtle Creek Assets. LTD by and through its partner, Forward Properties International Inc ("Seller"), for a values received and pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Credit Card Account Purchase Agreement between Seller and U.S. Equities Corporation ("Purchaser"), hereby sells, conveys, transfers and assigns to Purchaser. effective as of the File Creation Date of July 22, 2009, all rights title and interest of the Seller in and to those certain accounts, receivables, judgments or evidences of debt described in Exhibit 1 attached hereto to make part hereof for the purpose (the "Accounts").

4.) I received the Court small claims court papers and immediately sent out a request for Full Media Validation. Here it is 10-months later and I am in court and they give me the two purchase agreements above, a bunch of credit card statements, Affidavit from Chase Bank stating I owed this debt, this account was charged off. and the charge off debt is $978.66 the debt without interest and fees was $460.40, they also gave me a cardmember agreement, my online application ("Anyone could of created this who has a bit of my information") and a Affidavit of Attorneys fees.

I asked for a continuance to review all these additional documents which the courts granted me, what should I do?

Help !!!

I really want to sue these guys and put them in their place.

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ok, I sorry if it seemed cryptic but it may help

from what you quoted, I believe the debt is sold.

where were the credit cards statements sent to? was it an address that you lived at? what items were charged? was anything bought at store? Anything that could be traced in some way? this may take some creativity. is any of the information on the application inconsistent?

you need to file a police report, if you are going claim this isn't your card. if the facts seem to point to your ex then you need to say so.

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