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Midland Funding just summoned me

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I did some search, I'm still a bit confussed, please clarify it for me:

First I need to answer the summons by sending a certified letter to the plainfiff and to the Court clerk?

On the summons, says "You are hereby summoned and required to appear before this court ........on Oct 22 2010, to answer the complaint of the plaintiff, a copy of which is attached hereto If you fail to do so, a judgement by default may be taken against you for the relief asked in the complaint"

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I forgot to mention that this summons is for arbitration

I been reading it seems that for arbitration is different than a regular court

BTW I'm in Illinois

This is probably for Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)/Arbitration. It is not the same as pre-dispute, contractual arbitration!

Unfortunately, you've still got to defend yourself but hey...BofA has been known to take people's houses even when the homeowner paid cash for the house and there's no mortgage on it...so what can you say? :lol:

If the summons requires an answer, be sure to answer within the time-frame for your state. If you don't, they will get a default judgment against you even if the account isn't your's.

There are lots of posts on this site indicating how best to respond to the summons.


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If you're in Chicago, you're in Cook County so here is a link to Cook County's circut court website's self help area. http://www.cookcountyclerkofcourt.org/?section=PROSEPage

And here's another helpful link I found about navigating a small claims cass in Cook County.


If you're not in Chicago/Cook, just Google your own county and you should get your county's court page.

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