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QUESTIONING motivation and character

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Last I heard, we were here to help one another. Based on comments from a few members who apparently challenge my credibility, in essence calling me a liar, is offensive. And I can't see how new people coming onto the site are going to feel comfortable if some of us feel free to make charges about another's honesty. I did not come here to be insulted.

In my case, I came here making some serious charges about a court official and a law firm of ill repute. It would seem to me that those unfamiliar with the case, the facts, the conduct involved are out of line to call my conduct questionable.

You know, sometimes (GASP) they system is not honest. Judges are people and as such are just as capable as anyone else of being dishonest.

I have to question the motivation of people calling me a liar. I don't need this kind of grief. I think most people come here for help or to be helpful but apparently some are here for sport.

I've been in a lot of conversation/discussion groups on the internet. I concede I was naive. I thought we were all here for a common purpose, to help each other and not to insult.

I guess I was wrong.

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