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Need help with a letter authorizing the creditor (Citibank) to speak to my lawyer.

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Hey guys,

This website is amazing and I have spent the last couple of days looking through some of the threads, very helpful. I hired a law firm to settle some debt for me. To make a long story the lawyer said I needed to authorize the creditor to discuss/contact the law firm on my behalf (already signed a LPOA). I would like someone to please tell me or draft a sample letter that I could send to Citibank authorizing them to discuss the file with the law firm I hired.

Thanks in advance!


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Guest usctrojanalum

Wow, what are you paying your attorney for? this is normally something they do and would have sample letters for. Short and sweet and to the point is my motto.

Pleased be advised I have retained <enter lawyers here> to represent me on all matters. Any future communications should be directed to them. Regards,

Your name here.

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