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small business and bankruptcy


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My husband and I are considering filing bankruptcy as our credit card bills have gotten the best of us. I'm VERY appreciative of the information I've gathered on this board but do have one question that hopefully someone can help me with.

We don't own a home, don't have much value in our car, and have very little personal property. But we do own a small business that is registered as an S-corp. The business doesn't make much money--pretty much just covers expenses. But my question is, how will a trustee value our business? Will it be based on the actual inventory that the business holds, or will he/she consider the capital stock and/or debts of the s-corp? In other words, if we have $20,000 worth of inventory, $2,000 in the business account, and a $25,000 dollar debt, will the value of the company be -$3,000? Or will they simply want to sell off the inventory and leave it to us to figure out how the debts will be taken care of?

Any insight would be appreciated!

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