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No statements for over a year

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I know that my ex-husband is being sued for CapOne credit card that we had when we were married. We closed the account prior to breaking up because CapOne was changing their terms and gave us the option of continuing on with them or closing the account and paying the rest off on the terms we had.

As far as I know and for some unknown reason I am not on file as a defendant. I am going to courthouse tomorrow to look at the filings to make sure.

I have not received a statement/billing from CapOne since April of 2009. I assume my ex(at that time we were still married) had contacted them and switched the address to his new one and even switched all online info so when I went to look at the account I could not get in.

Does this fact help me at all if I find that I am included in the filing? I didn't even know the bill wasn't being paid until I checked my credit report and seen it wasn't being paid.

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