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The mathematics of Rogs. (Follow-up to Procedureal Quagmire question)

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Do "Requests For Admission" and "Request for Documents" fall under the general heading of "Interrogatory", and subsequently count toward the max. number of Interrogatories you are allowed to ask?

I haven't the statute in front of me, but Ohio statute clearly states you can only ask a specific/set number of Interrogatories (I think it's 17). The Plaintiff has presented me with 17 Interrogatories... PLUS... 16 - Request for Docs. and 25 - Request for Admission. Is this common... is it allowed? If not, how do I call him on it?

Always, with my thanks,


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The limit on interrogatories in Ohio is 40, ORCP 33. But that's just for interrogatories. It's perfectly acceptable to have additional requests for admission and production of documents, as they have done. There's no violation there.

And, there's nothing to prevent you from filing a voluminous discovery request on them, right?

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Many thanks! I just found ORCP 33 myself.

Man oh man... that's not the answer I was hoping for (lol). I suppose a judge will think... lowly of me (as a Pro Se) were I to stop at 40, then recite Rule 33 for the remaining questions? lol

I think I'll toss in a couple of "ad nauseum"s into the cut and pasted objections I'm cutting and pasting into the most ridiculous of the repetitive queries. Maybe even a "harass and intimidate" here and there, just to mix it up a bit.

Thanks again nobk4me

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