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Car Insurance Debt on CR


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I had a car insurance policy with Unitrin Direct for a year, paid everything on time, then I became unemployed after paying my last two months with them. Well, for whatever reason, they decided to automatically renew my policy and when they didn't receive any payment from me, I got a letter from them saying they wanted money since they "had provided coverage." They said if I could provide the information of my new insurance agency, then they wouldn't charge me anything. Well, being unemployed, I didn't drive because it cost too much money with gas, maintenance and insurance.

Being slightly naive, I didn't think anything of it, and I didn't really expect that they would actually send the so-called debt to a collection agency.

Does anyone know how you would handle a situation like this? Its not like I can prove that I didn't drive, and about three months later, got a new insurance policy when I could afford it. This was two years ago and now I just realized it was on my CR and it seems so baseless to me how they can claim they provided service when I wasn't even driving my car!!

Is there any kind of legal avenues I approach this with? Thanks in advance.

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