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That person just doesn't live here

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Hi everyone out there! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas why debt collectors, keep calling my number for persons that have never had use of this #. This will be the 4th cease and desist letter I have written to a company that refuses to quit calling here for someone I do not know. This will be my 2nd letter in 2 weeks to 2 different collectors for 2 different people. I have no hits on my credit report, and no idea why my telephone # keeps being "skip traced" (as one of these "agents" said to me) under other people's names. Of the latest 2, the first one took 13 minutes to tell me who they were and what their address was even though I pulled it up on the internet long before they disclosed it, and the second one said " If you aren't XXXX I don't have to tell you who we are. and If you are not xxxx then you don't need our address." 9 minutes later they say they are EOS CCA, and the address and then she hung up on me.

When I moved 13 years ago, I got a new phone # that had never been used in my state. HOW can this # be skip tracing to other's names, in other states. One of the collector agents thought he was calling a completely different state. That is the kind of crap I am dealing with right now... Any suggestions or comments?


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You could change your phone number but I feel that is like playing an inverse game of Russian Roulette as most phone numbers are probably attached to someone who owes a debt by now.

You really cannot do anything other than send the C&D letters. I simply use call ID and Google the Name and address rather than waste time with the collector. I cross reference that with the Minnesota Debt Collector database to see if they are on it, what their official address is, and who are the licensed collectors. In fact, on one call, I confused the collector who was a male by asking for the only collector licensed in the state (in MN, the individual collectors as well as the collection company must be licensed) who was female.

You could try a FCRA request to Lexus Nexus and see if they want to fight about whether they fall under the law or not. Other than that, just keep up the fight and one day, they will figure it out.

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There must a a rash of it going around or something. I've been getting those calls the last two or three weeks, too. They call and ask for a male, then they call back and ask for a female. Their number has shown up two or three times in a row on my caller ID. I've told them several times I am neither of these people and please stop calling.

Today I finally asked for an address (which they didn't want to give me) and told them they would be receiving a C&D from me in the next four days.

Guess the economy is just making people do stupid and crazy things for money...


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