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Charged off Chase Student Loan/Frederick Hanna Attempt to Collect During BK


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Hello everyone -

I have utilized the advice on this board before but had forgotten my username/password so now I'm a newbie again.

I am currently located in California and am involved in a Chapter 7 BK. Last week, I received a call from Frederick Hanna and Associates regarding a Chase Student Loan that is approximately 3 years old and it has been charged off. I do know that student loans are not discharged in a BK nor do the SOLs apply.

This is the first time that I've ever heard from them. They started off the call by asking if I would like to settle the debt. I told them that I was currently involved in a BK. They hung up.

My questions are:

1. Should I attempt to settle with Frederick Hanna or Chase directly or wait for them to sue/serve judgment?

2. If I should settle, what percentage is a good starting point for negotiation and how should I negotiate, over the phone or through mail?


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