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TU- Dispute does not currently appear


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I sent in my dispute letter to Transunion for 7 accounts after buying a trimerged report from my lender. They made me pay for it so I wanted a copy since they denied me credit.

Transunion responded with a letter that had no account numbers or names of the detailed dispute I sent. I knew I had to list the account number and name of the CA in line item format so I did. I used a letter from a site that invoked my rights and requested they investigate.

Their response

" Re: Dispute Status

Based on the information provided to TransUnion, our records show that the information you disputed does not currently appear on your TransUnion credit report. "

They then direct me to their web site and postal address for "additional questions."

I am now responding with a letter of "denial of credit" and a request that they send me their report to prove that the accounts on my trimerged report is wrong.

My guess is that they are not investigating or even looking at my claim just sending this BS response. The report I paid for is from KROLL factual data and my brother is my lender. He swears these reports are solid gold and correct and most major banks and lenders use it.

My question is have you seen this tactic before? Will this qualify as an "investigation"? Even though they appear to have not even read my dispute.

And the kicker and main question. When I get my actual TransUnion official report back and if it has those accounts as I know it will....Can I sue for them violating FCRA?

Thanks for the forum and the responce in advance.

“Knowledge without action is actively being ignorant. “xdancex

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