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I did a test with Dominion Law Associates

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Okay I will start off by saying I already knew I owed this debt. It was a small CC through HSBC. I was okay until last Feb when I lost my job took 7 months to obtain new work needless to say I was unable to make payment so ended up defaulting. HSBC sold debt to Calvary Portfolio Services they inturn hired DLA to come after me. So I received a mailed notification from DLA I knew I owed but wanted to delay so I could save up enough to work out a settlement and out of curiosity see what their response to a DV would be.

Mailed off DV........two weeks later I received their response

cover letter

a CC statement from 11/2009

Bill of sale from HSBC to Cavalry SPV

copy of card member agreement and disclosure type so small can't be read

text from Bill of sale

HSBC Card services inc. Hsbc bank of nevada (seller)

for value of received and pursuant to the terms and conditions of the purchase agreement dated 07/10/2009 between seller ans calvary SPV I LLC (purchaser) does hereby sell,assign and convey to Purchaser, its successor and assigns all rights, title and interest of Seller in and to those certain purchased receivables listed on the sale file attached as exhibit A, without recourse and without representation of, or warranty of, collectibility, or otherwise, except to the extent provided with the agreement

executed this day 25th of november 2009

then signed

I know I owe this and will pay, just curious as to everyones thoughts on the docs sent to me

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Ok here another test since they own it now why don't you send them a compromise of agreement to pay and see if they'll take your offer to settle just a suggestion.

So you can avoid going to court and it can be deleted off of your credit report. Suggestion say you owe 5000 counter offer them 2500 without admitting any guilt the form can be found on this site under the sample letters I used it have paid off quite a few accounts even some in full.

But include in the wording that your requesting them to delete the accounts if its not listed on there. Or you can also send them another note requesting additonal time to get your funds together as well.

Good luck in whatever you decide

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okat Dominion law never responded have court on thursday. I know that the court will have us all meet with DLA rep and they will offer to make payment arrangments or if disputing meet with court clerk to schedule hearing date. I owe this money so no worries about paying. They wont accept payment at the court ill have to call or stop by. Question is if i so yes Im paying do they get a default then? How do I ensure no judgement is rendered

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well met with DLA atty yesterday, I know i owe this money hate to pay the entire amount as I know JDB didnt pay that much. So i brought all sorts of docs to support me being able to fight and my wilingness to do so. end result They agreed to settle at 50% and to remove from credit report I had a pre prepared letter actually several depending on settlement amount so this one is done with and I consider it a victory. DLA attorney actually complimented me on my preparedness.

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