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Complaint against the Bar

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I have sent a complaint to the Fla. Bar late last year. I have learned a little jurisprudence of those rules and laws that effect me being a pro se litigant. Thanks to this site and getting a better grasp of the law through reading caselaw small claims & civil procedures I wanted to make myself absolutely sure in defending myself I have those things in my favor. I know that proving your case is an adversarial arena and that justice is suppose to be blind, well we know that ain't the real world. This arena is suppose to be a level playing field that the integrity of the legal process stays intact at least that is whats being preach to us average citizen. However, once the average citizen steps into the arena we find that justice is not blind it takes a peek at who is before it tips the scale in favor of members of the Bar.

But inspite of that I have won two cases all within the confines of the rules and the law. I study the law and its applications to make sure I'm on solid ground before I undertake an issue.

My issue in this case is an attorney that I won against. I complaint to the Bar of his misconduct base totally on the Bar's Rule of Professional Conduct knowing that some of the rule have an imperative term such as "shall" and "shall not" violation of them is cause for disciplinary action, others have "may" or "should" so when I see at the very top of the list the title "Compliance" and states "All lawyer SHALL comply with these rule I feel I'm on safe grounds as long as my complaint upon purgery stick to the fact and reference the misconduct to the applicable rule.

I've pointed out to the Bar the facts, the recorded case evidence[avoid hearsay] and the many shall & shall not rules only to recieve a letter of no probable cause and advice.

The letter states in so many words that we found no ethical breach that is cross. However, we cannot condone this behavior (the why is it not a misconduct) as it does not reach the high level of professional standards that the Bar requires. We hope in the future will avoid simular conduct. After much consideration finding no breach of ethics, we find your case review very much lacking and that research your facts well in advance of your pleading (also another shall not rule violation) The lawyer is given a time out and to write "I will be a good lawyer" 10 time, thats it.

I could go on and on and on but my question for anybody is can you file a complaint against the Bar. This just a branch of the Bar by the way. I'm not afraid of going up against and even losing to them as long as my vioce is heard.

Your input would as always be welcome! Be Bless! S.A.

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Well so far I've been told that they are self regulated and is very unwilling to punish it's own. It's website tell you al the gobbledegoo of it being the seeker of justice, pursuing professionalism, and educating the public. However, I'm very apprehensive of any agency that overseer its own, although there may in some cases where they must discipline just to be relevant as a whole it seems that they're wolves watching over their member wolves.

I won my case pro se in a bench trial or before it got to trial [dismiss w/out pred.] filed a complaint to the Bar in regard to all kinds of misconduct according to their rules and they found no proble cause and just gave the lawyer advice that in the future not to do so and so again to advoid a simular thing from happening since it was beneath the high standard:roll: If thats true[and it is] then it was a misconduct violation which should have trigger a disciplinary process.

It may be useless to complaint but I'm still going to just so that I can have a paper trial of those that are high up may one day be brought down after all they can do is ignore me but with The Lord's help something good will come out of it. Be Bless! S.A.:)++

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