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Question on timeline for sending discover in AZ

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Hello All,

I am in the midts of litigation between Chase bank, Gurstel Chargo and a scum sucker JDB that either was assigned the account from Chase or purchased it. I responded to my summons on Aug 6th, 2010 (after 20 calendar days in AZ). Afterwards, I recieved my Discovery paperwork from thier attorney (Non Uniform Interrogatories, Request for Admissions, Request for documents, and all that good stuff). It was dated 9/2, mailed out 9/9 and I recieved it on 9/15. I have 40 days to complete this, so my deadline would be 10/25 to get this back to them. I am just wrapping it up, but realized I should have sent them the same discovery packet. Am I too late to send them a doscover package as well? I believe the deadline is the trial date that has not been set yet?

Please advise...



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