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Which Civil Action Code Should I Use

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Am about to file civil suit against NAFS (National Action Financial Services, Inc.) and need to check one of the boxes for "Nature of Action" so the clerk knows how to schedule it in the docket. I'm guessing it's under "Torts-Personal Injury" and "other (399)", but don't know what to put for "other". Or, is it under "Administrative Law/Relief" and "Relief (820)" or "Other (809). Sent a DV letter Oct. 1st. They recieved it Oct. 5th (signed for) and continue to robo call my house. Research here says there's a butt load of fines I can sue for (they call at least 1x everyday except Sun). I have kept the messages on the answering machine, which time/date stamps them and will use this as evidence. But, first things first.....what code?

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