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Chase Debit Collector on HELOC after Short Sale


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Have a questions about how to handle this - We lived in Michigan up until 2008. After my husbands was decreased by 10% for 5 years & ultimatly lost his job & I was only earning 35K. We attempted to sell our house. Just like everyone else we ended up in Foreclosure. We moved to Utah for a new job opportunity. Our Relator brought us/bank a Short Sale offer for which she was the buyer and seller agent. First Morg. $385K with one bank now out of business, HELOC of $147K second was with Chase. Short Sale was approved paying off first. Second took $15K pay off & released the deed-all done via overnight delivery of documents being that we lived in another state. I had discussed with the Chase Rep. over the phone about the balance & they repeatedly told us the would charge it off & we would not have to pay anything. The Relator concured. Nothing was included in our doc. stateing we owed anything further. A year later we recevied a letter from Chase wanting us to pay the balance of the HELOC. I sent certified our hardship letter & we never heard anything from them. Now three years later we recevie a letter from National Asset Recovery Services telling us we not owe over $168K for the HELOC. Any advice on how to handle this?

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