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Please look at my A.R.C.P and tell me If I understand it right.

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This is Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure for Discovery. Can you tell me if I have this right? I am allowed to provide the Plaintiff with 40 Interrogatories, 10 Produce the Documents and 25 Admissions.

I am a little confused on the Admissions statement about "25 requests in any case". Please tell me they are not stating that collectively I can only have 25 for all three? I am sure that the last sentence in Admissions means the Interrogatories are separate and I am still allowed 40 of those. As well as the 10 of the Document requests.


(a) Presumptive Limitations. Except as provided in these Rules, a party shall not serve upon any other party more than forty (40) interrogatories, which may be any combination of uniform or non-uniform interrogatories. Any uniform interrogatory and its subparts shall be counted as one interrogatory. Any subpart to a non-uniform interrogatory shall be considered as a separate interrogatory.


The requests(s) shall not, without leave of court, cumulatively include more than ten (10) distinct items or specific categories of items.


Each party without leave of court shall be entitled to submit no more than twenty-five (25) requests in any case except upon: (1) agreement of all parties; (2) an order of the court following a motion demonstrating good cause, or (3) an order of the court following a Comprehensive Pretrial Conference pursuant to Rule 16©. Any interrogatories accompanying requests shall be deemed interrogatories under Rule 33.1.

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