LVNV in Michigan

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Thanks SingleDad.

At least I don't feel quite so inadequate in my search efforts.

It would appear that most people here in MI would rather accept default than fight.

I've read virtually all of your posts and they have been great help; I wish you the best in your efforts.

How's this coming along for you? We have our pre-trial tomorrow.

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I am going through the same thing, with the same CA LVNV. However, when I recieved the summons the only document attached was the complaint. Nothing else. And it was from their lawyer whom I have never had any contact with. Shouldn't the lawyer have had some prior contact with me? I know I recieved demands for payment from others addressed as the "lawyer" but have never had any contact with this one. I am now trying to write an answer to the summons. Do I need to do a sworn denial or anything else?

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