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Can a DC subpoena my personal info from employer?


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Before I was served, but after the dept collector had filed a lawsuit with the court, they filed a PRAECIPE, asking for a "Subpoena Duces Tecum" sent to my employer. They requested

Current home address

Mailing address

Home phone number

Cellular phone numbers

Copy of State Issued ID or Drivers License

My work schedule and current physical location of where I work.

Dates of employment, salary and current position

Payroll records, direct deposit records with current banking information and routing numbers, account number for direct deposits.

Is this legal?

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The fact that they are informing the employer of the nature of the debt. Is enough. Your employer can object to the subpoena. This form of harassment cannot be allowed to go on. I hope you are going to answer and counterclaim based on interfering with employment relations as well as the FDCPA violations. You should get an attorney as this looks like it is gonna get ugly.


Them You

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Guest usctrojanalum

This is 100% legal and your employer cannot object to the supboena or they could be found in contempt of court.

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