Medical Collections from exwife taking children to the doctor

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I've been working HARD to clean up my credit then I get a $30 collection from Absolute Collection Service.

I live in NC and my ex lives in Mississippi with my children. She took them to the doctors in Mississippi and used the insurance to pay for it (I cover the kids with my insurance) but didn't pay the copay.

I had NO knowledge of this but they put on MY credit because they said the insurance is in my name? I didn't sign anything at the doctor. I received NO letters from the doctor or insurance company. Can they do this?

I asked if they would remove if I paid and they said NO. ]

What's my best action?

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In short, yes, they can.

You will need to revisit the actual custody agreement, but here's the basic fact. Insurance is tied to the person who holds it, in the case: you. Because you hold the insurance, this makes you the guarantor.

As long as the children are authorized, then you are still the guarantor.

Now, if the custody and support agreement says that she is required to pay the copay, you may have a leg to stand on...in court. You may also, if it is a small medical billing office, be able to play on their sympathies.

My suggestion is that you call the OC and see if you can't get it straightened around and removed.

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